Mobile Health Team

We're passionate about providing accessible and affordable healthcare services to residents of the Uncas Health District municipalities.

What is the Mobile Health Team?

Our mobile health unit is run by licensed healthcare professionals who are deeply committed to helping individuals and families achieve optimal health and well-being.

At each event, we provide a range of critical services, including COVID and flu vaccines, rapid testing for Hepatitis C and HIV, syringe services, tick testing, blood pressure screenings, smoking cessation support, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and education on public health topics.

We are proud to serve the residents of Bozrah, Franklin, Griswold, Lebanon, Lisbon, Montville, Norwich, Preston, Salem, Sprague, and Voluntown. Our team operates by visiting soup kitchens, driving through food pantries, and senior centers to provide education and the services mentioned above.

Individuals who visit us at these events can approach us with any questions they may have, and we strive to link them to care whenever necessary. For instance, if a Hepatitis C or HIV test result is reactive (positive), we can connect them to the appropriate care provider, such as an ID clinic or another healthcare facility.

While we do not offer extensive medical care, we focus on providing screenings and preventative services to help individuals and families stay healthy and informed. Our primary objective is to keep our communities safe and educated on public health issues.

Meet our Team

Emily Alves BSN RN

Emily Alves, RN


Mary J Tramontozzi, BSN, RN

Sue Dubb BSN RN

Susan H Dubb RN, B.S.

Meet Nurse Emily

Meet Emily Alves, a dedicated nurse who has been working in the healthcare industry since 2017. Previously, Emily worked in home care and med-surg at a level I trauma hospital in Rhode Island. In May 2021, she moved back to Connecticut and transitioned into primary care.

In February 2023, Emily joined the Uncas Health District team as a Public Health Nurse, which she considers her nursing dream job. Her nursing passion lies in harm reduction and reaching out to people in need. She enjoys educating individuals about health issues and helping them lead their best, healthiest lives.

Outside of work, Emily has a variety of interests. She loves live music, especially Grateful Dead tribute bands, spending time at the beach with lots of sunscreen, and taking her dog, Oscar, on adventures. Summer is her favorite season, and she often spends it kayaking, hiking in the woods, or napping in a hammock. She also enjoys spending summer nights relaxing by the campfire with friends, music, and ice cream (chocolate fudge brownie is her favorite flavor!). When Emily is not outside, you can find her painting, cooking, or singing a Patsy Cline song at karaoke.

Meet Nurse Mary
Meet Nurse Sue


Your health is our priority - stay up-to-date with the Uncas Health District Mobile Health Team calendar.

Date Time Location
Wednesday, July 5 10:30 AM - 1 PM St. Vincent DePaul Place, Norwich
Thursday, July 6 9 AM - 10:30 AM Lisbon Senior Center
Friday, July 7 10 AM - 11 AM MOBILE FOOD PANTRY at Preston Senior Center
Tuesday, July 11 10:30 AM - 1 PM Lebanon Senior Center
Wednesday, July 12 4 PM - 5 PM UWSECT MOBILE FOOD PANTRY at Three Rivers Community College, Norwich
Friday, July 14 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM Healthy Living Expo at Dodd Stadium
Friday, July 14 10 AM - 11 AM Bozrah Senior Center
Tuesday, July 18 11 AM - 1 PM Franklin Senior Center
Wednesday, July 19 10:30 AM - 1 PM St. Vincent DePaul Place, Norwich
Thursday, July 20 4 PM - 5:30 PM MOBILE FOOD PANTRY at Griswold High School

Offering blood pressure screening, COVID-19 and Flu vaccines, Hepatitis C/ HIV testing, syringe services, wound care info, and information about other health services provided by the Uncas Health District

Xylazine News Project

Fatal Overdoses Involving Animal Tranquilizer Xylazine on the Rise in CT

"Xylazine," a veterinary sedative commonly referred to as the "Zombie Drug," has made its way into the drug market. It is crucial to be aware of this drug's potential risks and dangers, which can lead to severe health consequences. To gain further insight into this issue, you can watch the news clip below, which features our UNCAS Mobile Health Team discussing the Xylazine epidemic.

It's crucial to understand that Xylazine is resistant to Narcan, which means that if an individual has overdosed on it, the standard Narcan reversal procedure won't be effective.

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