Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

Dear Colleagues and Residents:

The Uncas Health District (UHD) is pleased to present the 2017 Uncas Health District Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). This document will guide efforts to improve the health and wellness of residents within the District and surrounding areas. The collaborative effort put into the CHIP will result in strategies to address the highest priority health indicators for the region.

The Uncas Health District CHIP priorities have been established by the Uncas Health District 2016 Community Health Assessment (CHA). The CHA and CHIP will be used to inform the Uncas Health District Strategic Plan and the work of the newly formed Eastern Connecticut Health Collaborative, which will be the lead entity for convening partners to implement the CHIP.

The three priority areas of concern identified in the CHIP are outlined below:

  • Priority 1: Chronic Disease Prevention/Risk Factors
    Focus areas: 1) Food Access/Healthy Eating and 2) Tobacco/Cancer
  • Priority 2: Substance Abuse
    Focus area: 1) Opioids
  • Priority 3: Access to Care
    Focus area: 1) Transportation

The plan is guided by baseline targets and measures to monitor progress. Implementation of evidence-based strategies related to policy, advocacy, communication, partnership development and education will assure a healthier Uncas Health District regional community moving forward.

The Uncas Health District staff and Board of Directors would like to thank our many partners who contributed time and expertise to the process. We hope the plan serves as a useful resource for your personal and organizational strategy to improve the community’s health and wellness.


Patrick R. McCormack, MPH
Director of Health

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